Duty-Grade Leather IWB Holsters for Glock Handguns

Vacuum-formed, American-made concealed carry holsters offer maximum comfort with the secure retention of kydex.

Glock firearms might be the most common choice of daily carry sidearms for law enforcement professionals, so we’ve designed all our IWB holsters for maximum comfort, longevity, and safety.


  • Vacuum-formed for superior passive retention.

  • Duty-ready American leatherwork and design.

  • Comfortable and silent for professional carry.

Check out our ready-to-ship selection of IWB holsters for the most commonly-purchased Glock sidearms or request a custom fit -- we guarantee some of the fastest lead times on custom orders in the industry. 

Ready-to-Ship Leather Holsters for Popular Glock Sidearms

These study concealed carry holsters are vacuum-formed to fit the most commonly-carried Glock firearms.

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Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us for custom orders.

We are American leather workers updating the classic tradition of craftsmanship with the precision of modern manufacturing techniques.

We design and stitch every Glock holster ourselves, while using the latest shop technologies to produce a perfectly-calibrated form that supports your weapon and fits you comfortably. 

You don’t have to choose between chunky plastic, poorly-fitting leather, or a months-long wait for a holster that fits. We offer some of the fastest turnaround times on custom leather holsters of any major supplier.

Just contact us with your customization request and you’ll have a uniquely designed holster for your Glock in just two-to-three weeks.

Custom-made Leather Glock Holsters for Concealed Carry

Handcrafted and high tech, customized to your draw and carry style.

Do you prefer a specific cant angle you can’t find anywhere else, or a concealment wing design that’s more comfortable for daily carry? You don’t have to wait six months or more for custom leatherwork from Palmetto.

Our craftsmen work with you to design and deliver a fully-customized, hand-crafted leather holster for your Glock in twenty-one days or less.

Customize your concealed carry holster for:


  • Improved draw accessibility.

  • Personal aesthetics.

  • Expanded attachments.

  • More comfortable all-day wear.


What self-respecting craftsman doesn’t enjoy a good challenge? Contact us to design your perfect concealed carry holster.


Glock Holster Selection FAQ

Do you recommend kydex or leather for daily professional concealed carry?

Kydex can be uncomfortable, loud, and clunky, and can become brittle with use. Its main advantages are form stability and consistent retention; while most leather holsters become actively unsafe to use as their mouths relax, kydex holds its shape until mechanically broken.

We balance the retention advantage by vacuum-forming the holster to your model of Glock firearm, guaranteeing a perfect fit and consistent passive retention. This leaves kydex to compete on comfort, convenience, and discretion -- which it honestly can’t, for all its clear material advantages.


Are leather IWB Glock holsters safe for long term duty use?

Leather holsters have a bad reputation for two safety indications: the rough texture of cheaper leather on the inside of the holster can catch clothing on reholstering, possibly leading to an accidental discharge, and the mouth can relax and lose its retention over time.

We address these issues by choosing high quality leather and designing a reinforced holster opening which retains its fit while properly guarding the trigger during re-holstering.

This is our model 3 owb for a Wilson Pro

Can you accommodate customizations I’ve made to my weapon?

Almost certainly, but you’ll have to contact us and talk it over with a craftsman to be sure. If it’s possible we can nearly always deliver the finished, custom holster within 21 days.



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