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Welcome NRA Tradeshow Attendees!

Exclusive Offer Just for You

Greetings, Champions of Tradition and Innovation!

Welcome to Palmetto Leather Works, where heritage craftsmanship meets modern precision. For years, we've dedicated ourselves to handcrafting the finest custom holsters, tailored to the unique needs of responsible gun owners like you. As attendees of the 2024 NRA Tradeshow, we're thrilled to extend a special token of our appreciation.

Special Offer for NRA Tradeshow 2024 Attendees!

Unlock 15% Off Your Custom Holster Order

In celebration of the NRA Tradeshow 2024, we're offering an exclusive 15% discount on all custom holster orders. Just for you, because we know what it means to value quality and precision. Use the code PLWNRA24 at checkout to redeem your special offer.

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Wilson Combat Gun Holsters Made by Palmetto Leather Works

Ready to Elevate Your Holster Game?

Explore our collection and use your exclusive NRA Tradeshow discount code PLWNRA24 to get 15% off your custom holster order today.

How to Redeem: Simply enter the code at checkout to apply your discount. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is here to help.

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