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For concealed carry of an SCCY firearm, you may feel like you have to choose between comfort, craftsmanship, and calibration with your holster. That’s because traditional leather and kydex gun holsters tend to only offer one of these. But this can result in major discomfort or personal injury.


You shouldn’t have to pick and choose quality when it comes to your SCCY leather holster. That’s why we personally hand-tailor every single holster right here in the United States, so you can wear your SCCY firearm comfortably, fit your gun perfectly, and stay quiet and concealed at all times.


Only choose the best concealed carry holsters with Palmetto Leather Works, and have your SCCY holster on your hip in three weeks or less.

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Select American-Made SCCY Leather Holsters for High Quality and Craftsmanship

Professionals that need to practice concealed carry know the terrible experience of using a loose-fitting holster. One that moves as you walk, makes noise, or worse, doesn’t even fit the form of your firearm properly.

Any one of these would be a pain. If your firearm moves around, you’ll constantly need to readjust, making your concealed carry a lot less concealed. The same goes for a loud firearm holder, with all the creaking and scraping.


But a “bad” firearm holster can be much worse, leading to accidental discharge and injury.You know that you always need the best. We know it, too.

That’s why, at Palmetto Leather Works, we take the time necessary to handcraft every leather holster to fit your personal SCCY firearm for years to come.

Whether it’s a SCCY CPX, SCCY DVG, or something else, we guarantee that you won’t need to worry about a shifty, noisy, or unsafe holster ever again.

We use traditional leatherworking techniques along with modern manufacturing and the latest technology in order to craft the finest SCCY leather holster every time. Since every single one is tailor-made and hand-fitted by our own leatherworkers, we can ensure that you always get the right fit.


Never take a concealed carry without a form-fitted SCCY holster from Palmetto Leather Works. Lives might just depend on it...

Custom-made Leather Holsters for SCCY Firearms

IWB concealed carry can be a real pain in the keister until you find the perfect fit for your firearm and your body type. That’s where we come in.

Our skilled leatherworkers manufacture customized holsters to fit any specification or need. They work with you to craft the most comfortable and accessible design for your SCCY concealed carry needs:

  • Expanded attachments.

  • Personalized design.

  • Comfort enhancements.

  • Usability improvements.


Contact us today and you can have a customized SCCY holster on your belt in three weeks or less.


SCCY Leather Holsters Made for Your Personal Firearm

Some may think that all concealed carry holsters are made the same, or that just any holder will work as well as another for their SCCY firearm. Others know that there are differences, but they worry they won’t be able to find an IWB holster that works and fits perfectly for their own personal needs.

Here are just a few of the considerations of professional concealed carry holsters:

  • Holster being painful for long hours

  • Loud or noisy holster becoming visible

  • Poorly fitting firearm holster moving on the hip

  • Shifting holsters scraping the body

  • Dangerous SCCY holsters causing accidental discharge/injury

With custom-made Palmetto Leather Works holsters for your SCCY firearms, you can just stop worrying about all of this and get back to doing your work with the safety and confidence you expect and deserve.



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