Sig Sauer Concealed Carry Holsters by Palmetto Leather Works

We worked with Sig Sauer to design concealed carry holsters for some of the best handguns in the world.

People that practice concealed carry of Sig Sauer firearms may feel they have to pick between comfort, craftsmanship, or calibration. With traditional leather and kydex gun holsters, you might get one of these qualities. Not only can this result in severe discomfort, but it might also cause serious injury. You don’t need sacrifice when it comes to your Sig Sauer leather holster.


That’s why we hand-make every holster right here in America for you to wear with comfort, fit your firearm tightly, and remain safe and quiet at all times. Choose the finest concealed carry holsters in the Palmetto Leather Works, and have your Sig Sauer holster on your hip in three weeks or less.

Ready-to-Ship Concealed Carry Holsters

Browse our selection of handcrafted leather holsters for the most popular Sig Sauer lines.

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Choose American Made Sig Sauer Leather Holsters for Quality and Craftsmanship

Professionals that need to practice concealed carry know exactly what it’s like to have a badly fitting holster. One that moves around when you walk, makes noise all the time, or worse, doesn’t even fit the exact shape of your Sig firearm.

Any of these can be a major problem. If your holster shifts around, you’ll need to adjust it all the time, making your “concealed carry” a whole lot less so. The same goes for a noisy firearm holder, with its creaks and scrapes. But a badly made holster can also lead to very serious injury — or even worse.


You know that you need the absolute best. We know that too. At Palmetto Leather Works, we take the time necessary to hand-tailor every leather holster to perfectly fit your personal firearm. Whether it’s customized with a flashlight, laser, or something else, we guarantee that you will not have to bother with a shifting or dangerous holster ever again.

We use both classic leather-making techniques and modern technology and manufacturing to create the finest Sig Sauer leather holster time and again. Because every one of our holsters is hand-made and hand-fitted by our leatherworkers, we can ensure that you always get the perfect fit for your gun. Never take a concealed carry without a form-fitted holster from Palmetto Leather Works. Your life might just depend on it.

Sig Sauer Leather Holsters Made for Your Personal Firearm

IWB concealed carry can be uncomfortable until you find just the right fit for your firearm and body type. We can help.

Our craftsmen produce customized leather holsters to any specification and work with you to engineer the most comfortable, accessible design for your needs. 


  • Expanded attachments.

  • Comfort enhancements.

  • Usability improvements.

  • Personalized design.


Contact us today and you can have a customized Sig Sauer holster on your belt in three weeks or less. 




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