Officially-Endorsed Leather Wilson Combat Holsters

We worked with Wilson Combat to design concealed carry holsters for some of the best handguns in the world.

Wilson Combat engineers produce several of the most impressive firearms on the market today. They are the prestige handguns in many of our collections and it was a privilege to design the officially-endorsed concealed carry holsters for our favorite firearms.

We created several IWB carry variations for each series, available in cowhide, shark, and elephant leather, with specialty linings that preserve your weapon’s signature finish.

Custom leather holsters are available on request and crafted with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Ready-to-Ship Concealed Carry Holsters

Browse our selection of handcrafted leather holsters for the most popular Wilson Combat lines.

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While it’s an honor to produce the highest quality leatherwork for Wilson Combat, we bring the same craftsmanship and attention to detail to every holster that bears our maker’s mark.
Palmetto concealed carry holsters are vacuum-formed to your specific weapon, for maximum retention and longevity, and painstakingly crafted by some of the same men who collaborated with Wilson Combat on their design. 


It shouldn’t take so long to have basic customizations done for your holster.

Our combination of traditional leather working knowledge, 21st century engineering, and unique experience with Wilson Combat firearms lets us deliver higher-quality custom work than our competitors -- and in less time than you’ll believe possible.

We can promise a three-week turnaround on custom orders because Palmetto Leather has a level of experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our first custom Wilson Combat holster was for Wilson Combat, after all, and when you call our shop you’ll speak with the craftsmen behind some of the most popular holsters they offer.

Custom-made Leather Holsters for Wilson Combat Firearms

IWB concealed carry can be uncomfortable until you find just the right fit for your firearm and body type. We can help.

Our craftsmen produce customized leather holsters to any specification and work with you to engineer the most comfortable, accessible design for your needs. 


  • Expanded attachments.

  • Comfort enhancements.

  • Usability improvements.

  • Personalized design.



Contact us today and you can have a customized Wilson Combat holster on your belt in three weeks or less. 


Wilson Combat Holster FAQ

I see your concealed carry holsters for sale here and on the Wilson Combat site. Are they made to different standards



Absolutely not. We have some standard product offerings on the Wilson Combat site you won’t find here by default, like this black leather Brigadier Tactical holster with sharkskin trim, but every single leather holster that leaves our shop must meet the same uncompromising quality standards, whether it’s going to you or Mr. Wilson himself.


I can’t seem to find an IWB carry position that isn’t uncomfortable for at least some of my daily routine. Do you make Wilson Combat shoulder holsters?

We certainly can, if that’s what best fits you and your firearm. We can also walk you through customization options for IWB holsters which aren’t commonly offered and noticeably improve your overall comfort. Send us a message or call the shop and let’s see what we can do to help.

This is our model 3 owb for a Wilson Pro

Every leather IWB holster I’ve used is either a little bit too tight on the draw or too soft for completely safe reholstering. Did you account for that in these designs?

While no leather holster is perfectly stable, ours have two features that directly address fit issues with common holsters.

We vacuum form the holster itself to the exact form factor of your firearm, which supports a predictable draw and excellent passive retention, but we also use a much higher quality leather than most holster makers. The material we use is more water resistant than low quality leather and holds its form significantly better over time as a result.




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