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Ruger SP101 3" IWB CCW Leather Holster | Palmetto Leather

Reaching the Pinnacle in balance, weight distribution, and comfort for carrying full size handguns; the Pinnacle Carry IWB sets the standard for concealed carry Inside the waistband holsters. Designed for large framed firearms but also suitable for smaller and shorter frames. The leather reinforced mouth of the holsters offers one handed reholstering of the firearm. Stabilized loops keep the holster from shifting during routine motion and movement. Extended wings offer stability and comfort while carrying larger or smaller framed guns inside the waistband. The Pinnacle Carry IWB is offered in a variety of trim and loop options so you can customize your holster style.

  • Superior balance and weight distribution
  • Leather reinforced mouth for one handed reholstering
  • Stabilized loops
  • Extended wings on the body of the holster for comfort
  • Minimalist sweat guard provides protection for the firearm and still gives access to the firearm.
  • 10 degree Cant or rear rake
Ruger SP101 3" IWB CCW Leather Holster | Palmetto Leather Sale price$176.00